Red Sonja Bendy Figure
Bendy Toy
Box Signed by Spyda

I was given the opportunity to sculpt Red Sonja for a company that does bendy toys.They contacted me after seeing my Tournament series of sculptures. I did a series of bendy toys for another company way back in collage and so had a good idea of not only what was needed, but what I hoped to achieve. They wanted a feral angry Red Sonja gritting her teeth in battle. I wanted to make sure that whatever happens, her joints will bend and stay in position. Sounds simple, but I have seen bendies that you really can't bend at all because the rubber is too thick and springs back into it's original position. While this is not as posable as an action figure, she is definitely more posable than other bendy toys I have seen. We chose the great artist Frank Thorne as inspiration. In the end, I am very happy about it and hope to do more with them. Each box comes signed.

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