Resin Model Kit


About 15 Years ago, I was sculpting some pieces for Reel Art Studios for my pal Michael Hudson. I did a Tarzan piece based on my father's art, and a Dino Girl based on William Stout's work. The next piece was going to be Sinbad, of my own design. We got he project forward to the point he was going to ship it off to be made. Just then he got the Frazetta license and everything went on hold. Can't blame him really. If I had the Frazetta license, I'd be setting everything else aside as well. Mike's health took a turn for the worse after that and he produced less statues and concentrated on other things. This past year, Mike passed away. I thought I would never see the Sinbad sculpture again, but recently, the people who were handed the business down to contacted me about sending my sculpture back. I asked if for permission to produce it as a resin model kit and they gave me the thumbs up. It's being molded and cast up right now. This stands about a foot tall.The kits breaks down to 8 solid resin parts.
It was a great pleasure for me to sculpt, because I was a huge fan of the old Ray Harryhausen films. The battle with the skelletons coming out of the sand must be my favorite of all. I hope that influence shows through, even though I tried to make this my own.

This one is for Michael Hudson. A good friend. He loved the old heroesfrom black and white movies and TV and the comics from the 40s and 50s that you never see anymore. He respected art and artists and will be forever missed, but remembered fondly.

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