Highlights of the Show

This is just my opinion, but my favorite part of the show was what Dan and barb from Kitbuilders Magazine organized with the seminar where people could learn to build and paint their own kit. People who signed up recieved an airbrush, compressor, a kit, and a set of Kitbuilders new paint line. That and an 8 hour lesson. The value was over $1400 for each person who paid a little over $300 each I think. It was called Wonderfest University. It was a huge hit.

Kitbuilders Table


My Favorite Kit in the Show



The Contests

I never saw so many pieces entered in a kitbuilding contests. The pictures below are my favorites in the show but not even half of the entries.


The Tables

This was my first Wonderfest so maybe you guys weren't as shocked as I was at how many incrdible pieces there were. The whole show was full of artists and their work.


Prop Room


Shame Shame